Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Message

The Massachusetts special senatorial election on Tuesday has been written about, talked about and pretty much picked cleaner than a Thanksgiving turkey by every blogger on the planet.
...but I'll add my two cents anyway.

Scott Brown made some history.
Real good history, you know? The kind that happens and we all know what we're going to tell our kids and grandkids, with great embellishment, of course.

But it's not Mr. Brown whom I believe is the hero of this history. It is the American people.

If I lived in Massachusetts, I would not have voted for Mr. Brown during a more conservative period...meaning a time of lower-taxes and stronger defense.
I would have sought someone whose political and social views lined up more cleanly with mine.
But true-blue conservative leaders are hard to find these days...and these days are neither prosperous nor safe.
These days are different.

We don't have the luxury of voting down a list when our President has abdicated our national defense, deepened a recession with record deficits and spending that makes Paris Hilton look like a thrifty shopper.
And perhaps the most important, or at least the most pressing problem, is the absolute deafness from the President and the democrats in congress standing in front of cameras daily and insisting his monstrosity of a healthcare bill ain't no big deal.

I am glad the people of Massachusetts understood the stakes.
They saw the bill for what it was,
they saw the danger of one-party rule in D.C.
and they quite sensibly put a stop to it.

And I hope most people made note of something important during Mr. Brown's campaign and even after the election.
Though excited at the thought of making of difference, though Brown's name, face and now-famous truck appeared everywhere...I didn't see any Greek Columns, know what I mean?
I think the voters understood this election was not about the man.
I think the voters saw Mr. Brown for what he was and understood what he was not.
He is not a god, nor even god-like.
There is no halo around his head.
He is simply a man who represents.
A man with a vote.
And this election was more than the was the message.

I find it not a little humorous to see so many in the media miss this simple point.
I find it not at all humorous that the President misses it.
But to a great many Americans, we understood the message loud and clear.

This country is still a republic.

"that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
--Abraham Lincoln