Sunday, May 2, 2010


In the Old Testament, God commanded the Hebrews to build altars in memorium to momentous events.
He knows the struggle our minds and souls go through to wipe out the pain of the past.
Our memories can be an anesthetic at times, numbing us to reality; distorting our perceptions.

Our memories can also be a inspiration, helping us to overcome a life-time battle against whatever seeks to enslave us.

God wanted the Hebrews to commemorate freedom, so they would never forget to be vigilant.

When we feel safest, when we are prosperous, the memories of battle fade and we come to believe we never have to fight for our freedom again.

I have no reason to post fear.
But that is why this video needs to be posted.

Ft. Hood
Christmas Day Bomber
May Day Car Bomb in Times Square
No amount of bows and scrapes by our President to the enemies of freedom has made us safer.
Our greatest danger now is the distortion of our memory and the lack of will to fight.

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  1. You call it like it is... I have missed reading your blog.. Hope to start catching up now that I have my computer back.
    Be Blessed